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School calender

Opening and Entrance ceremony
Orientation seminar camp for first grade students
School excursion

At the start of the New Year, we welcome the new first grade students with an orientation camp to help guide them during their high school life.
Every student and their year group go on a trip to help build friendships and have quality time with each other in a non-academic setting.
School marathon
Mid-term exams

Every student in the school runs the school marathon. It is 6km for boys and 4km for girls.

Prefectural sport’s club tournament
Sports day

All the hard work and practice after school is rewarded in a sports tournament against different schools.
We also welcome Sports day, where students compete in different teams in various events for pride.

End of term exams
Closing ceremony
Summer vacation

After a long term, students finish their exams and enjoy summer vacation!

Annual brass band concert
English camp for first and second grade students

The members of the brass band club enjoy performing in the annual concert at the prefectural hall.
First and second grade students also get to practice speaking in English with ALTs from many countries.

Opening ceremony
School festival
Ball game day

After opening ceremony, students celebrate in the school festival where different homerooms give performances and students set up stalls and sell food.
Several types of sports are played in ball game day, from volleyball to soccer, where homerooms compete against each other.

Mid-term exams
Second grade students’ future guidance trip to Tokyo

Second grade students spend a few days in Tokyo, to help them decide what career they would like to pursue.

Course choice deadline for first grade students (Cultural / Science / International)

It is also the month where first grade students choose which choice they would like to study from the second grade. The international course focuses on English.

End of term exams
Closing ceremony
Winter vacation

After a long term,students finish their exams and enjoy winter vacation!

Opening ceremony
National Center Test for University  Admissions for third grade students

Third year students take National Center Test, and prepare for university entrance exams.

Recommendation entrance exam for third grade students of junior high school
Final exams

School exchange trip to California
Closing ceremony
Spring vacation

Each year, several specially selected students enjoy a cultural exchange at High School  in California, America.
After a long year, students can relax during the Spring vacation, before entering the next grade to start the next academic year.

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